Samsung Recaptured its Title for Being a Top Smartphone Maker

The South Korean Electronics Giant – Samsung regain its market share and once again become a top smartphone maker.

In Q1 2015, Samsung shipped 83.2 million smartphones, capturing 24% marketshare while it was 31% in Q1 2014. But 24% is enough to beat its competitor – Apple who shipped 61.2 million smartphones in Q1 2015, capturing 18% of total marketshare.

Apple is still happy with its marketshare because last year in Q1 2014, its marketshare was 15.3% and now it is 18% – an increase of around 3%.

During the fourth quarter of 2014, title of being the largest smartphone vendor was achieved by Apple because of the popularity of its large screen devices – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. At that time, Apple shipped 74.8 million iPhone 6 devices and captured 20.4% share of worldwide smartphone sales. At the same time, Samsung was dropped to 19.9% from 29.5% with sales of 73 million devices.

Inspite of being a top smartphone seller, Samsung didn’t see a growth in profits. Instead, 57% of drop down has been notified in its operating profits during Q1 2015. But the company is celebrating for getting its position back. It is also expected that the company soon will regain its profits too.

Overall, 2015 brings a win win situation for Samsung and worry worry situation for Apple. But don’t forget that Apple watch has arrived and started making its mark on wearable tech. Now you have to wait for analysis of Q2 2015 to see the ups and downs of tech giants.

Mobilegeddon: Google’s New Search Algorithm Update for Mobile Websites

Google tweaked algorithm update to favour mobile-friendly sites and penalize mobile-unfriendly sites.

Back in February 26, 2015, Google announced its plans to make changes in ranking factors of mobile search results. Here is the implementation of Google’s plan with Mobilegeddon: an algorithm update or a move of Google from algorithm updates of desktop search engines to mobile search engines.

According to new Google’s algorithm update, sites that labelled as “mobile-friendly” rank higher on mobile search results. So, if you want your mobile site to rank higher on mobile search engines, make your webpages meet with the following criteria:

  • Avoid use of uncommon software on mobile devices like Flash
  • Text should be readable without zooming
  • Content must fit to the screen size to avoid scrolling horizontally
  • Links must be placed in a way that users can easily tap the right one

Google now match the above criteria with your webpages (not websites) and rank your mobile site accordingly.

Google’s new update doesn’t mean that the company will focus on the above given factors only – usefulness and relevancy will also remain the matters of attention while serving ranks to mobile-friendly websites.

Don’t be so happy if you haven’t yet noticed any change in your traffic or rankings on mobile search engines because it takes a few days more for data to pour in and finally you will get your results.

Google Can Search Your Lost Android Phone Too…..

Google Knows Everything. It knows the exact location of your lost Android Phone too.

Yes, this is the fact. Our favourite search engine Google has ability to search your lost Android phone. If you lost your Android phone, just come back to your home, sit on your desk, type “find my phone” on Google and you will get the location of your lost Android phone on Google map. Google can also give a ring to your Android phone for you.

To enjoy this lost-Android-phone searching ability of Google, you have to prepare your computer and your Android phone with some available resources. I know you have made up your mind for a new app, but let me tell you, you need an update not an app.

Here are some updates you need:

  • Latest version of Android’s main Google App
  • Your browser must be logged in with the same Google Account you have in your phone

That’s it.

Isn’t it much simpler than going to the Android Device Manager to find your phone?

Your next question: how Google did that? No answer. Google didn’t reveal anything in-depth for its new feature.

If it’s look familiar to you, then let me remind you that a month ago Google released an update of its Android Device Manager with support of Android wear. That update allows you to find your lost smartphone using your Android smartwatch.

Smartwatch search feature works only when your phone is in a close proximity because it is based on Bluetooth connectivity. While new Google’s search is not based on any smartwatch or Bluetooth, it is based on internet or network or any other master idea which makes it worth for Android smartphones.

Amazon to test its delivery drones in the US

Amazon’s Drone team is all smiles these days. The America’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Amazon’s request to test its new UAVs in the US. And the best part of this approval is that it got it in a week’s time, while in the previous case it had to wait for six months and, despite that it had to take its entire test overseas. And though FAA agreed to its first request later on, the drone had gone obsolete and Amazon had already designed a new version.

However, along with permission the FAA department has set certain do’s and don’ts. For instance, the UAV won’t be allowed to fly higher than 400 feet, or can exceed 100 miles per hour in speed.

Besides Amazon, dozens of other companies have been granted approval to test fly their drones in the US. It’s in keeping with the FAA’s new approach to grant permission to fly low-risk UAVs. These UAVs or drones are mostly used by film/TV companies and specifically by those companies that carry out tests to gather data for future purposes, say the e-commerce companies. However, the agency doesn’t follow the one-size-fits-all policy here and reviews each application, and grants quick approval to those that has already received previous exemption.

Apple Watch and MacBook Open For Pre-orders

Only if you were in Kate Perry’s shoes… Yes, the American singer, songwriter has managed to grab the most popular watch of this century while the mortals like us have to wait until April 24th to get one. And, in case, you haven’t ordered one so far, then the waiting time may probably prolong. And if things don’t go your way, you may have to settle for something that you don’t have your heart set on.

Apple is anticipating strong customer demand for its watch and is expecting the demand to exceed supply during its launch. For your record, the 42mm model will be shipped only after May 8th while the shipping date for the 38mm sports model has been shifted to June.

However, Apple worshipers are not complaining. Most of them are reporting that the ordering process was smooth, and if you are lucky enough, you can even grab two pieces at a go. And if in case you do not want to buy the $350 plus fashion, head to the Apple Store, where you can use the concierge service to book an appointment. You can also try out one of the three department store pop-up shops in Tokyo, London, and Paris.

If a laptop is that you are looking for, the retina-screened MacBook is something that you would love to adorn your shelf with. The model will be available within 1-3 days. The only disappointment? Given its lack of weight and retina screen, the MacBook is available for a princely $1,299 – $1,599, or £1,049 – £1,299 in the UK.

Amazon Ropes In Spike Lee for ‘Chiraq’

In a coup of sorts, Amazon has roped in Oscar-nominated director Spike Lee for its next film. The film interestingly titled as Chiraq’ reportedly portrays the Chicago city and its gun battles.(Chiraq is a mashup of Chicago and Iraq.) Lee is reportedly pursuing stars like Samuel L. Jackson and native Chicagoans Jeremy Piven, Common and Kanye West to star in the movie. Avengers star Jackson is expected to do a cameo in the film.

Amazon and Netflix, in recent times, have been attempting at creating original content for TV series to get more eyeballs and profits and, at the same time set themselves apart from competitive cable channels like HBO. Some of the examples include House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and Transparent.

So, the deal apparently marks the first big splash for Amazon Original Movies and Amazon Studio Venture in movie production, meant both for theatrical release and Prime Instant Video streaming.

Amazon had announced in January that it would be producing 12 feature films every year for those filmmakers who are struggling to mount daring stories that deserve an audience. Going by that philosophy, it seems Lee will fit the bill. Spike Lee despite being a successful director and all, had to produce the risqué Da Sweet Blood of Jesus through Kickstarter.

Instagram Update: New Photo Editing Tools to Give Your Pics an Extra Polish

Instagram updated its Android app with two new tools: Color and Fade, and one new feature: Post Notifications.

Instagram aims to make it easier for its users to capture, edit and post pretty polished and pizzazz photos.

Instagram’s latest update includes two new tools – Color and Fade – adding ability to adjust the color tones of your photos.


Fade softens the color of your image and bring a quite tone to it. It applies the uniform effect focusing on particular parts which makes your image more breathtaking than it was earlier – before applying fade. The tool gives you full control over strength of the effect.


Color plays with the color tones of your image. It adds different tints on shadows or highlighted areas. You have to choose whether you want to add tints on lighter highlighted areas or darker highlighted areas. Tint color will be of your choice. Currently, 8 colors are available there to choose from: Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Cyan, and Green. Like Fade, you don’t have any control system here, but the Color tool is made in a way that you don’t need any control system.

Post Notifications

Post notifications tell you about the updates of your favorite accounts. You can turn it on if you want to inquire the Instagram activities of stuff you care about the most.

Post notifications are available in both Android and iOS app. While Color and Fade are available only in Android app and they are on their way to come soon to iOS.

CGI gave fans ‘One Last Ride’ with Paul Walker in Furious7

A tragic night that was in November 2013, when 40 year old star Paul Walker died in an ironic accident of a speeding Porsche. More tragic it was for all those fans who loved the charming actor for his role in Fast and Furious film franchise where he played Brian O’Conner.

Unfortunately, his sad demise came during the production of 7th film in the Fast and Furious series, putting the production house, Universal Pictures, in a standstill. With the approval of his kins and the willingness of the production team to tribute Paul, Furious 7 movie saw the last instalment of Paul’s appearance.

What made the movie possible a year and half after his death?

Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) brought Paul Walker back to life for One Last Ride. Before you think Universal Pictures made an insensitive decision, it should be noted that Furious 7 is actually very discerning in this regard. Majority of Walker’s unfinished scenes are completed using his brothers Caleb and Cody as body doubles. When combined with CGI, carefully chosen camera angles and the right lighting, Paul walks alive on screen.

Furious 7 broke box-office records by grossing $143 million this weekend. A huge fan following and the enthusiasm of fans to see their favourite character for the last time, made it all possible. Paul’s character was finally retired in the movie. The beautiful and emotional tribute by Vin Diesel (character name Dominic Toretto) at the end of the movie, considered by many as the most breathtaking scene, will certainly make you feel a lump in your throat, if not tears in your eyes.

The technology being used here certainly justifies the words of Dominic Toretto in the final minutes of the movie: “It’s never goodbye”


Written as a tribute to Paul Walker. R.I.P.

Microsoft Wants Android Users to Become A Tester of “Office Lens”App

Microsoft’s pocket scanner app named “Office Lens” is available in preview version for Android users who are invited to become a tester of this newly launched app.

Yesterday, Microsoft launched Office Lens App works with OneNote for iOS and Android users. The app is a type of pocket scanner that lets you snap photos of anything like menus, sticky notes, business cards, documents, receipts, and white boards. You are given an option to share your scanned documents with your friends or co-workers. To know more about this app, check out its features list.

  • Auto-crops, enhances and cleans up your image to make it clearly visible.
  • Identifies printed text so if you search with keywords, you get results accurately.
  • It can easily convert your images in word, PowerPoint and Pdf document for easy editing and formatting.
  • Capture business cards and allow you to add the contact in your list.
  • Insert images to your OneNote or OneDrive and lets you save, export and share.

iOS version of Office Lens is available at Apple’s App Store; for Android version you have to wait more. There are many android devices with different hardware configuration, so Microsoft preferred to put the app for testing by Android users. Once it gets approval from Android users, the app will officially arrive to Google Play.

Office lens was firstly launched for Windows Phone in March 2014. The app has become most popular one among windows users with an average rating of 4.6/5 plus 18,500 reviews. With Android and iOS, the competition will be tougher, but the competitor – Microsoft is also strong enough to challenge on all fronts.

Microsoft will Ship Visual Studio 2015 Product Line to Ease Up Enterprise Development

This summer, Microsoft will introduce Visual Studio 2015 Product Line assembled with a new enterprise SKU to lessen the efforts of enterprise app developers.

You have to pass some more days of summer to get the forthcoming version of VS2015 officially available. For now, we have names, added features and planned pricing of Visual Studio 2015 SKU line-up to share with you.

Going forward, there will be mainly three offerings of Visual Studio 2015.

  1. Visual Studio 2015 Community – as usual free for individuals, enterprise and non-enterprise developers.
  2. Visual Studio Professional with MSDN – More productive than the free version will cost $1199 for new customers and $799 for renewals. This is the preferred version for those engaged with professional-grade app development.
  3. Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with MSDN – This is the combined version of previous Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate. It will cost $5,999 for new customers and $2,569 for renewals. The product is optimized for developers creating high-scale applications. It includes the previous features of Visual studio and also adds new innovative features for productive work.

Along with these offerings, Microsoft is working on other Visual Studio 2015 products which will be finalized later in the year. But you can check out the pre-release Visual Studio 2015 product line-up here.